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Experienced Mechanics and Jarraff Parts

The following certified service providers offer experienced mechanics and Jarraff parts availability, making it easier than ever to maintain your Jarraff equipment.

Services Offered:

  • General Maintenance
  • Boom Repair
  • Undercarriage Maintenance
  • Part Installation
  • Hydraulic Service & Much More

Maximize productivity and extend the service life of your Jarraff equipment with maintenance and service from one of our certified service providers!

Experienced Mechanics Parts

*Notice – July 2020*

Jarraff Mobile Service Announcement

We are excited to announce that important changes to enhance the level of service and support provided to Jarraff customers.

Effective August 1, 2020, all customer support and parts sales functions at Jarraff Industries in St. Peter, Minnesota and Jarraff Mobile Services in Anniston, Alabama will be consolidated into one single integrated system.

When you dial 1-800-767-7113 or e-mail service@jarraff.com (long-time Jarraff numbers) your call will be handled by the first available of five dedicated agents whether located in St. Peter or Anniston. This will increase the probability that you reach an agent on the first call and speed the time it takes to get you the right answer to your problem.

All five dedicated agents will now have direct computer access to the available parts inventories in both the Anniston and St. Peter locations. This will eliminate the need for multiple phone calls to check and coordinate inventories. To ensure we continue to reduce part back-orders and speed delivery St. Peter will focus primarily on parts shipping and Anniston on walk-in fulfillment.

Of course, whenever you have needs for in-the-field or in-shop mechanical services, our team of technicians in Anniston, Alabama is there for you as they have been for several years at 256-403-9065. Or if you dial the 1-800-767-7113 number, they can connect you to the team at Anniston or recommend another service provider in your area.

Also effective August 1, 2020, we will begin transitioning all invoicing, whether parts or service to the St. Peter office. This is something many of you have long requested and will eliminate long-standing billing confusion and ensure parts pricing and sales tax consistency.

On behalf of all of us at Jarraff Industries and Jarraff Mobile, we thank you for your business and your satisfaction remains our priority.

Authorized Service Centers

Jarraff offers 36 service providers nationwide

Please call Jarraff Service Department for locating a provider nearest to you.

Jarraff Mobile Service
  • Address: 4230 Choctaw Street, Anniston, AL

  • Phone: 256-403-9065

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