Dear Jarraff Clients,

On August 1, 2020 we announced that all customer support and parts sales functions at Jarraff Mobile Services in Anniston, Alabama and Jarraff Industries in St. Peter, Minnesota would be consolidated into one single integrated system accessed by dialing our long-time customer support number 1-800-767-7113 or by e-mailing We also announced we would begin transitioning all parts and service invoicing to the Jarraff Industries St. Peter office, and expand our St. Peter physical capacity to focus on shipped parts orders taken from both locations.

The purpose of our letter today is to inform you that our Jarraff Mobile Service field and in-shop repair service and parts location in Anniston will be closing permanently effective the end of 2020. This is no reflection on the work quality, professionalism, or loyalty of the team or management in our Anniston location. Nor was it impacted in any way by the pandemic or any financial stress. Rather it is a continuation of our strategy to focus our resources on manufacturing and rely on independent, authorized, and certified technicians for warranty support to broaden and deepen our geographic and warranty service coverage.

This decision should have minimal impact on those of you who purchased parts from Anniston as we are well-equipped to meet your needs from St. Peter; and will be adding support staff to supplement the physical expansion already completed. Effective October 19th please call the St. Peter customer service team at 1-800-767-7113 directly for all your parts orders. We will continue to be open for parts pick-up and shipping from Anniston through November 30th but will not be replenishing inventory in Anniston as it is depleted.

While it applies to a smaller group of customers who utilized Jarraff Mobile’s service and repair, the team at Anniston will be focused on completing existing in-shop work but will not be taking additional shop projects effective immediately. We will continue to be available to meet your emergency field needs as resources are available through November 30th, prioritizing the completion of warranty work on behalf of Jarraff Industries.

Many of you know that we have been working to both expand and upgrade our independent service and support network across the country and especially in the Southeast; and we are comfortable we have alternatives in place to complete your warranty work in a timely and quality fashion. Attached please find a current directory of alternative Authorized Service Providers who will be called upon in the future for warranty work and who may be available to meet your ongoing service and repair needs.

We have expressed our deepest gratitude to the team at Anniston for their loyalty and dedication; and our sincere regret for the personal disruptions this decision will cause them. It is our hope that you may see them applying their considerable skills and experience serving the needs of Jarraff customers again in the future, if only in another uniform. We expect much of the team to stay on through year-end as we wrap up operations.

On behalf of all of us at Jarraff Industries and Jarraff Mobile, thank you for your understanding and your business. Your satisfaction remains our priority. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns; or feel free to contact your sales representative.


Steve VanRoekel

Heidi Boyum

Mark Seely

Lance Williams