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When the first Jarraff tree trimmer made its debut in 1979, it was the result of an effort to reduce the cost of trimming trees along right-of-ways for transmission and distribution lines. Developed in cooperation with electrical coops and tree trimming contractors, the initial prototype Jarraff was mounted on a truck bed and featured a pneumatic chainsaw instead of the recognizable circular blade of today’s model. Levers, similar to those in an excavator or bulldozer, controlled boom extension and positioning. And the operator sat on an open seat next to the boom.

While a far cry from the advanced wheel and track models of today, that first prototype was the beginning of a promise to continue to provide contractors and utilities a more safe, efficient, and productive way to maintain utility right-of-ways.

The next round of updates saw the transformation from a truck mount unit to a crawler-mounted unit. Soon the chainsaw was replaced with a circular blade and the power system went from pneumatic to hydraulic. But even back then, the Jarraff was performing trimming operations for 35% less cost than previous methods! The Jarraff was not only evolving, it was changing the entire approach to ROW maintenance.

Today, the Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer represents the industry standard for tree trimmers, helping contractors and utilities save time, money and manpower while effectively maintaining critical transmission, distribution, and government right-of-ways.

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