Jarraff Industries has unveiled a new version of its recently rebranded brush cutter, the LineBacker ™ (formerly Geo-Boy). The new LineBacker brush cutter features a four quad track undercarriage, an industry exclusive feature. The new quad track configuration provides users with unparalleled mobility in the most challenging terrains. 

Jarraff Industries Director of Engineering and R&D Jake Schmotter said,

“When it comes to heavy duty brush cutters, arborists and ROW contractors have always been forced to make a choice between the low ground pressure and traction of a track machine, or the road-ability and flexibility of tires. The new quad track brush cutter offers the best capabilities of a track and tire in one machine. We believe it fills a gap in the industry. This machine really offers some amazing capabilities and we’re excited to introduce it to the market.”

In addition to the new quad track configuration, the LineBacker offers an innovative touch screen control center that gives the user unmatched operational input. The unit’s Cummins 260HP, 6.7L Tier 4 diesel engine meets all EPA regulations, while improving overall fuel efficiency and roading speed.

In terms of the rebranding, Jarraff Industries President Heidi Boyum said,

“With a range of improvements that were made to the unit, the inclusion of quad tracks and some additional upgrades on the way, the time for a name change was evident. Effective with the quad track introduction, the Geo-Boy will be rebranded as the LineBacker going forward. We think it more accurately reflects the work the machine does, as well as its power and capabilities.”