Jarraff Industries has unveiled a new version of its Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer. The new Quad Track Jarraff features a four quad track undercarriage, an industry exclusive feature. The new quad track configuration provides an option that users in the ROW Management industry have not seen before. 

The quad track design provides low ground pressure and excellent traction, as well as road-ability and maneuverability in a single machine. In addition to the extreme mobility, the new Jarraff features all of the latest upgrades that existing Jarraff models offer including a patent pending rotating saw head design that allows the operator to rotate the blade assembly 180 degrees, another industry exclusive.

The recently added touch screen information center gives the operator unmatched control, engine monitoring, high definition camera display and more. A Cummins 130 horsepower, Tier 4 engine meets all environmental emission standards and mandates.

The new Quad Track Jarraff joins the 4-wheel drive and LGP steel/rubber track models in providing a dynamic field of operation for tree trimming applications. A rotary manifold offers a 360-degree plus range of motion as a standard feature. The unit also provides lateral tilt and 75-foot cutting height. Two four-way joysticks and fingertip controls offer optimal precision.

In addition, the each Jarraff model’s cab is completely ROPS, FOPS and OPS certified. The Jarraff adds safety to every job because workers never leave the ground.