Founded in 1979

Founded in 1979, Jarraff Industries provides high quality, specialized right-of-way maintenance, land clearing and tree care equipment that is used throughout the world.

Its customers include international, national, regional and local contractors; as well as state and local governments, utility companies and tree care companies domestic and international.

Jarraff Industries design, manufactures and markets the Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer, Mini-Jarraff Urban Forester and the LineBacker Brush Cutter.

Founded in 1979
Jarraff All Terrain Tree Trimmer

The Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer features a 360-degree range of motion, lateral tilt and a 75-foot cutting height all from within a specially designed operators cab.

The remote controlled Mini-Jarraff Urban Tree Trimmer is specifically designed for residential and municipal trimming. A minimal footprint and compact profile allow the Mini-Jarraff to operate in tight working areas such as neighborhoods, backyards and municipal parks.

Linebacker Brush Cutter

The LineBacker Brush Cutter is designed for land clearing and vegetation management. The unit’s cutterhead can reach 11 feet high and clear brush up to 12 inches in diameter.

Safer, Easer, Faster, Accurate and Profitable

Maximize Production & Enhance Safety

With features that maximize production and enhance operator safety, the Jarraff Industries product line represents some of the most advanced right-of-way maintenance and land clearing equipment in the industry.


Jarraff Industries Timeline

Original four wheel Jarraff on trailer
First Jarraff made on a track carrier
Developed and patented rotating saw head; an industry first
Jarraff Industries Office - St Peter Mn