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Introducing the T-REX/T-REX 300 mt!

On display for the first time this week at ConExpo, the T-REX/T-REX 300 mt is the latest innovation from Jarraff by Prinoth. The unit adds new meaning to the term versatility, providing users multi-tool capabilities, with a range of available attachments for one machine!

The standard mulcher brings with it the advanced design and quality you’ve come to know from its predecessors the Geo-Boy and Linebacker, but now features powerful and productive Prinoth cutterhead technology. And with available attachments including tree shears, an extreme grapple and more, the T-REX/T-REX 300 mt is the most productive machine in its class.

For brush cutting, mulching and much more, there’s a new king of the right of way, the T-REX 300/T-REX 300 mt from Jarraff by Prinoth!


Designed for heavy-duty Right-of-Way maintenance and trimming.


Designed for land clearing, ROW maintenance, storm clean-up, and fire control.


Ideal for trimming urban landscapes and residential neighborhoods.

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ROW Maintenance & Tree Trimming Solutions

Mini-Jarraff Urban Tree Trimmer

The Mini-Jarraff Urban Tree Trimmer is the perfect choice for municipal & residential tree trimming. Rotating sawhead, 55-foot vertical reach, all-terrain capability…

To learn more and see it in action click the video!

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